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RMA URL sent is expired

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So I finally got Arlo support to send me an RMA email and the link was expired within 24 hours of receiving it. Didn't get to complete my RMA in time so now I have to recontact them. Turns out, my plan to cancel my Arlo plan until they made things right with an RMA means I no longer have any way to contact them besides posting on this forum and begging strangers to watch me struggle. Dear Arlo, please, customer service isn't this hard. Just do the right thing. Send me a new RMA link since the last one is expired. Don't make me jump through another 20 hoops for a busted camera you can see never was connected to my system. Don't ask me to factory reset it again, don't ask me to check my internet again, don't tell me I forgot my own wifi password after just finishing connected 2 cameras that are identical to the 3rd one that won't connect. And please just send me another RMA link, I beg of you not to waste more of each other's time.

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

I've opened a support ticket detailing the concerns you've posted here. An agent will reach out to you with a status update as soon as possible.