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Hello All

I have been looking at camera systen  for a little while and have decided to go Arlo.I have read a bit and watched a couple of videos and just wanted to clarify a couple of things.Im looking at either the Arlo Essential or the Pro 3 with the addition of the new wireless doorbell.I have a fairly good wifi system on the house so all units should pick up my network wherever i install them.

I was hoping to supply power to cameras on a permanent basis with a cord rather than having to recharge them all the time. Also rather than have a subscription i read if you add a base station (not sure which model) i can record locally.I don't need 24/7 recording i don't think it was only if motion is detected. So for all the users currently out there which model should i go with?



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I'd go with the VMB4540 since it uses a USB drive rather than a microSD card. Removing the drive (use a thumb drive instead of a hard drive) is much easier for me than flipping the VMB5000 over so the card can be removed from the bottom. The 4540 should also be cheaper.


However, note that the various cameras must be connected to the hub and not your WiFi for local recordings. Thus, buy a Pro 3 system that includes the 4540. If you go with the Essential cameras, you'll have to buy the hub separately.


I have the arlo essential spotlight cameras.  I like the spotlight on the camera and the night vision.

I like the spotlight feature on the camera and the Live is accurate and doesn't lag. 

Two things I don't like is if there is a lot of motion you will be having to constantly pull the camera down to charge them. I haven't tried to solar panel yet, but that is an option I'm looking into.

Another thing is I had some man come up to my house two days in a row and I didn't catch the notification in time cause I was busy and was unable to read the logo on his shirt to see where he is from when I went back and watched the video it caught. 

It's good with detection just make sure you have what you want detected in the camera position box that is in the app settings, since there is a part of the camera view that is blacked out and won't catch motion in that blacked out area. 

Thanks for the reply yes I double checked the smart hub model and it is the VMB4540 that comes with the bundle I was looking at. I also think that I might look at putting power to the cameras rather than charging them. And one other addition I like the look of is the wireless doorbell so might add it into my system.