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Arlo recently did a system reset on my system and since then my Essential Pro Spotlight cameras have been dying one by one. I have tried charging them and there's nothing. They are completely dead! These are expensive cameras that I just purchased 8/18/21. So these cameras aren't supposed to last longer than a couple of years? I even purchased the stupid monthly plan so I could keep them active. I'm so glad I kept my original cameras! It's very concerning that my home is not secure because I'm down to 2 cameras out of 5. I'm looking into another system because I live in a remote area. Why did I have to have this system rest? My system was just fine!

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I'm not aware of Arlo ever being able to reset your system. They may have suggested it to you if you contacted them but you would have had to actually perform the reset. Tell us more about this.


WHat have you tried besides recharging the batteries? Do you charge the batteries proactively or wait until they're dead? Have you removed a camera from your account and then added it back in? Are they connected to your WiFi or a base or hub? Have you tried the reset procedure?


All details are needed. In addition, you can use Settings, Support to select the camera model and get in contact with official support.