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Battery life and mic

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Hi All,

I have issues. I bought this basically as a pet cam. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats and I want to be able to keep an eye on them when we're gone. I specifically bought this one because supposedly it has 2 way audio. I have it mounted on the wall in the living room. It hooked up to my mobile fine, the picture is great, haven't had issues with it not connecting when I open app, however, I have 2 huge issues. I have had it exactly 5 days and it says the batteries are at 47% (10 day battery life definitely ain't going to work for me) and whenever I try to turn on the mic it says connection failed (but, I do get the audio from the room, so can hear them, but can't talk to them, which is why I bought this model, very frustrating), have tried a dozen times over the five days (at home, at work, at the store). This is my first security camera, so don't know if it's the camera or me, help please.

Thanks, Kym

Guru Guru

Life of battery is based on a spec usage of about 5 or less mins per day of recording/live viewing.

In your case it sounds like you'll have to ac power them all the time.


As to audio out it can be very device specific , try it via the web access ( ) with your browser to test if it is you phone or not.

Morse is faster than texting!

I had one cam inside to experiment for pet cam and it was on the battery and learned that lesson fast with just one dog. On AC is was fine like TomMac said.