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Arlo baby multi camera

Hi, can I vew two cameras at the same time if I have 2 baby cam? the screenshot doesn't really show if both camera can be on live stream? 


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Re: Arlo baby multi camera

I just bought a second Arlo Baby camera and it won’t connect.

I’m wondering if 2 Arlo Baby cameras will work on the same wifi network and on the app
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Community Manager

Re: Arlo baby multi camera

Rexyi, Nickpng


Yes, 2 Baby cameras can be streamed at the same time and yes 2 baby cameras will work on the same WiFi network.




What behavior are you seeing when attempting to connect the second baby camera? Can you provide details as to what you have done/tried and at what point during setup do you encounter an issue?



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Re: Arlo baby multi camera

James - refer attached screenshot.
I’ve tried the QR code and the Factory Reset options as well and it still doesn’t work.

My other Arlo Baby is connected and working well. The problem is the new (2nd) Arlo baby
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Re: Arlo baby multi camera

Hi James
On the app’s main page it shows the cameras. I see from the screenshot there is a play button to start the live feed. In most apps I’ve seen this go into another page and show just the one camera. Is the Arlo app different ? Will it just play the camera in the main page and then allowing me to press another camera and then have both camera live from the main page ?
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Re: Arlo baby multi camera

Issue resolved!
The problem was due to me adding my second Arlo Baby on a shared profile / Account (Basic Subscription). This level of subscription only allows for 5 connected cameras (I have 7 cameras including the 2 Arlo Baby)

I logged into the primary account (Premier Annual Subscription) and was able to connect the additional Arlo Baby Camera.

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Community Manager

Re: Arlo baby multi camera



You can press the live button for multiple cameras on the cameras page. You can only see one camera if you display as a full screen.



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