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Arlo Baby Lag Time

I leave my tablet and the Arlo app on all night in order to monitor my child through my Arlo Baby.  However, as the night goes on the lag time gets longer and longer.  When it's first turned on the lag is about a second, maybe two.  Not too bad.  But this increases to almost a minute or more in the middle of the night.  I wake up after hearing my baby, tend to her, then get back into bed before I "hear" her on the tablet.  I can literally lay in bed and watch myself in the room from a minute or so earlier.


This is clearly a major issue in monitoring a baby.  I've only used this for two nights thus far so hoping this is a glitch or some easy fix.  All firmware and apps are updated, all on same wifi netowrk,  and tablet is an android.  The router is in the same room as the Arlo Baby and my room and tablet is maybe 15-20 feet away.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Re: Arlo Baby Lag Time

Have you tried rebooting the Arlo Baby & test again? You can remove the feet > turn off the power to the battery switch > Unplug the unit

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Re: Arlo Baby Lag Time

Yes, I have tried that.  I've also tried restoring it to factory settings and reinstalling it to network.


The same thing keeps happening.  There is always some pixilation that seems to create the lag for some reason.  As I said before, by middle of the night the lag is close to a minute.  The device is on the same WiFi network as the monitor and the monitor is no more than 10-20 feet from the device and router so don't understand why this is happening.

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Re: Arlo Baby Lag Time

Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link below for you - Arlo Tech Support

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Re: Arlo Baby Lag Time

No, as I will be charged for contacting them.


From what I have read it seems that lag is an issue with the product, although seemingly not as bad as I'm experiencing.  Seeing that I have taken all steps to rectify this that I can find I suppose I will troubleshoot myself a bit more before returning, as this forum doesn't appear to be much help...

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Re: Arlo Baby Lag Time

Hi @SEF99 


You will not be charged for contacting customer support.


Arlo Tech Support

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I am starting to get really pissed off eith this product.
1- If I don’t fully exit the app and try to regain access it will make baby’s noises echo..
2- there’s about a 3 second time delay from the arlo to my phone (iPhone 7) where as my partner has an iPhone XS Max and there’s no delay whatsoever
3- random exiting the app. I can wake up in the morning and the app has exited itself on my phone and I can’t hear baby who’s been crying for god knows how long..

Not impressed at all. Am looking into purchasing a different monitor
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Re: Arlo Baby Lag Time

I am having the same issue.


I wanted the best product for monitoring my baby and paid well over the odds for the Arlo Baby - expecting that with a higher price tag would be a higher quality product. I log in on the PC, my iphone or ipad and leave it streaming in the evening whilst I'm downstairs.


More and more often I will hear the baby in full on meltdown before he is even starting to stir on the display. I can go and see to him and then come back downstairs and still see myself on the display - sometimes up to a minute later.


Last week my baby got himself into such a state before the Arlo had even started to show him moving, that he was sweaty, could hardly breathe and had got himself stuck! This is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to avoid and why I paid the premium for the "better" product.


In addition to this, the night vision does not always work and the lullabies / noises have dissapeared and I cannot get them back.


Not what I expected from a £££ product. I am unlikely to reccomend Arlo Baby - quite the opposite and I'm considering using my ipad / iphone on video call in the future as this has proven to be more successfull. Should have just brought another ipad (second hand)! Probably would have been cheaper!



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Re: Arlo Baby Lag Time



Is the Camera up to date on the latest firmware? Have you tried to reboot the camera & test again?

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Re: Annoying

Thought it was just mine. I sometimes have lag that is up to a minute long and for the price I paid for this its unacceptable

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Re: Arlo Baby Lag Time

I really want another monitor as well. This makes me very nervous that I can't get proper monitoring on my baby. Wish this would be fixed. Maybe they should have  had a wifi free screen that they were promising and it may fix the issue. Is there anything else that would help this?

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Re: Arlo Baby Lag Time

It really doesn't make any sense, especially when there are clearly a number of people having this issue.  The only solution that is given is to reset the devise, update app, etc. which I have, and I believe we all have, tried many times.  The picture and features are great, but is pretty much useless when you can't get a live picture and audio of your baby from literally the other room and withing spitting distance to the modem and router.


It seems pretty clear this is an issue, despite being pretty major, that Arlo just doesn't care to resolve.  Beyond unfortunate...

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Re: Arlo Baby Lag Time

Like stated above this appears to be a major issue that is not isolated to us.  Just to update my situation, at the recommendation of another user I set up an access point just off of my room.  The tablet and Arlo Baby were the ONLY items on this access point.  While this did increase the signal strength to my room the latency issue remains; leaving on all night causes 30 second to 1 minute of lag.  Everything has been updated, hardware reset, caches cleared, etc.

This is wildly unacceptable from a baby monitoring device.  What's even more unacceptable is the unwillingness of anyone at Arlo to accurately address this issue for worried parents.  We purchased this product to monitor our children live, to which we can not do, and the company seems to not care at all.  If you are not going to take these issues seriously, or even invetigate why so many of your customers are having such major problems at least have the decency to tell us so we can purchase other, more dependable, products to actually keep an eye on our children.  By just giving us the runaround, blowing us off, failing to respond, you're just continuing your irresponsibility and negligence.

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