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Arlo Baby (ABC1000) not connecting at all

I bought the Arlo Baby (ABC1000) a couple of months ago and I am truly disappointed with the product. I managed to set it up and it worked reasonably well for some 10 days after which the Arlo Baby became unresponsive. After a reset to its factory settings, the camera worked again for another 10 days. Currently it is simply a piece of decoration because I have not managed to set it up again after several resets. The Arlo application does not seem to find the device and the device it seems it is constantly booting (solid amber light on). I have a connection of 5Mhz and the router is 2-3metres away from the camera. There is a wall in between the two.


The camera is not the cheapest in the market but performance wise it seems it is a low quality product certainly not fit to monitor my little one. I bought the camera in Swizterland, where I live.


I need help to fix the problem, a new camera or my money back. I feel like an idiot and regret having paid more than 200$ for your Arlo Baby camera.  


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Re: Arlo Baby (ABC1000) not connecting at all

Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link here for you - Arlo Tech Support

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