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Random Chime Rings at night only awaken family

Title pretty much says it all. Here’s the scenario, and we have an old Swann analog camera passive system to back this up. At precisely 3, 4, and 5 am not one second earlier or later the chime rings. There is no activity verified on the camera via the app. There is no activity recorded on the Swann DVR. The Alexa announcement that tells us when someone is at the door doesn’t announce. 


Why is this happening? We are exhausted from this every early morning. It excites the dog, the dog barks, wakes the young kids and they start to fuss. And the baby cries. It’s seems the simple solution is get rid of the chime. However that puts us back at square one — never knowing someone is at the door. Occasionally they knock but generally not. Packages are left and we have no idea they are there. I have had three thefts in the last month even with the doorbell. Neighbors with Ring have the same problem of stolen packages. There seems to be a cottage industry built around following deliveries and snatching the packages. If I were a thief I would just steal the truck but there you have it - these people are not too smart. Kidding aside, I set up the doorbell and chime to tell me when a person walks past the doorbell motion sensor. We don’t have a traditional bell, only a brass door knocker. Someone please save my sanity. 

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Re: Random Chime Rings at night only awaken family

There is a silent mode on the doorbell, so you can turn off the sound at night.


Unfortunately that can't be scheduled right now (though folks here have asked for that).

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Re: Random Chime Rings at night only awaken family

Turning off the chime is not an option since the setting in the iOS app has no effect on this random ringing. It has no effect at all. Plus this is a security device for us. I may as well return it because i bought it to tell me if there are intruders. Real ones. I’ve tried disabling it using the app by sliding the switch to the green off position in the app. This has no effect on the chime. Still chimes when there is motion. And chimes at 3,4 and 5 am. 

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Re: Random Chime Rings at night only awaken family

A bit more info. I’m logged in to the web portal. I see right now that the Doorbell Setting is set with the green slider in the OFF (to the right) position. 


And I saw as I did this that the Base Station is set to DISARMED. I contacted spouse, he said he was sick of the noise and disarmed it. 


Im usually not one to yell in forums or on community boards but this is for emphasis. 




Just now, prior to re- arming system I went out through the front door. The chime still sounded. That’s with both settings off. The controls seem to have zero effect on the system. What’s worse, after trying to restart the base station, it will not restart. 

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Re: Random Chime Rings at night only awaken family

If the doorbell is silenced, then ringing it wouldn't result in a chime.  However, if you are triggering the chime with the motion sensor built into the doorbell, it would.  Is that what you've done?


Also, is the doorbell the only device that is paired with the chime?  In other words have you set up rules (or a custom mode) that will trigger the chime when a camera detects motion?


Also, I find the Silent Mode a bit confusing - partly because of the placement for "Calls and Chimes are turned off" text, and partly because it's more natural for me to have a switch that turned the sound on.  If the control is gray, the chime is not silent.



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