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If you lose internet connection to Doorbell and wired to existing chime, will it still ring?

Another question on the doorbell. If you lose internet connection to the doorbell and it is wired to your existing chime will the doorbell still ring if the button is pushed? If someone rings your doorbell does each phone get a call or just 1 phone? Is there a way to disable the leave a message if doorbell isn't answered? Just wondering if I don't answer the phone and just answer the door will the doorbell then ask to leave a message.

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How loud is doorbell to hear someone and understand you?

I've heard that the sound was very low at the doorbell . I was wondering how loud it was can someone hear you and understand you at the doorbell

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Arlo doorbell

I was thinking of purchasing an arlo doorbell to go along with my cameras. I've been seeing a lot of posts about the sound quality of the doorbell speaker being quite bad. It appears that numerous tickets have been put in to arlo to come up with a fix and I couldn't find any posts that really said they fixed it. I was hoping someone with a doorbell could give me their honest opinion of the doorbell as a whole and specifically the audio quality at the doorbell. I'm looking at connecting it up hardwired to my existing chime but I would want to be able to use 2 way audio. Any info would be greatly appreciated before I purchase this product. Thanks.
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