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Arlo Doorbell not working with mechanical chime

Arlo + mechanical chime worked BEFORE I paired with the app. After setting it up on the app, the mechanical chime stopped working. I am in position 2. When I switch to 1 or 3 I get a grinding sound from the mechanical chime. I have followed the instructions posted on the help section, no dice. Any other ideas?
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Re: Arlo Doorbell not working with mechanical chime

I just figured out how to setup my arlo doorbell with the existing chime. I'll share it here and take from it what you will.  Once I wired the actuall doorbell part correctly, and then the wires to the arlor doorbell, I toggled the switch to #2 on the back. I realized that if I connect the arlo without the batteries- I get my doorbell constatantly popping off so you have to keep the bateries in in order for it to work when you hit the button. Once I figured that part out, I reset the base station and paired the doorbell again <--- i'm not sure if you'll need that part of it but thats what I did in order for it to show up on my phone as well. I hope this will help you in any way. 

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