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Arlo Doorbell loosing settings

Hi guys,

not sure if anyone else had this problem.   This is been bothering me for a while.

I had the Doorbell and the Chime on the Arlo pro system for about 8 months now.

everything was fine for the 1st 6 months.  but all of a suddent this happened. 

I would loose my Doorbell setting every day!!!   then my Chime will not ring, and sometimes my phone won't ring either.

if I setting it up today again, it will loose it again within 24 hours. happens at random times.

I am not sure why, or what's wrong . I have been correting it almost everyday... but that's definately not a long term solution.  


Please help.





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Re: Arlo Doorbell loosing settings

I an having this exact same issue. The camera that is paired with the doorbell also loses connection with the doorbell when this happens. Happens at the same time my vmb4000 freezes as other threads are talking about
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Re: Arlo Doorbell loosing settings

Same issue here too. At least the third time this week this has happened. 🙄
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Re: Arlo Doorbell loosing settings

ya.. not sure what to do.

I have try mutilple things, but nothing helps. 

I have got a new doorbell. I have moved the doorbell closer. but still the same. 

usually loose the setting within 24 hours. 

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Re: Arlo Doorbell loosing settings

same problem for me. hoped the new base firmware would fix it BUT it has not. chime will stop working and it does not show its connected to a base station

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Re: Arlo Doorbell loosing settings

Same problem here. Every day or two I need to remove the arlo doorbell and reset it to get it to pair with a camera and chime again.

I have emailed customer support many times in the past week, they ignore my emails...

That’s awful service.
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