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Arlo Doorbell intermittently rings phone

I'm having an issue with my Arlo doorbell where it only sometimes calls my phone. There's no logic or reasoning I can see as to why it sometimes rings my phone and why other times it doesn't. I always receive a notification that the doorbell has been pressed and the Arlo chime sounds, but I'd estimate that only half of the time my phone actually rings. I have a Pixel 3 phone and have the latest Android app. The doorbell firmware is 1.2.00_309_283 and hardware is 1.3. Has anyone got any suggestions please?
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Re: Arlo Doorbell intermittently rings phone

I don't seem to be having a problem here on a Pixel 2, Pixel 3 XL and Galaxy Tab S3. Start by rebooting the base and your phone. Consider a reinstall of the app.

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