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Arlo Doorbell hangs up on me on call

I recently bought the doorbell from Arlo and the set up is easy and everything but I click the doorbell, it calls me and I pick up, and the mic is not working the phone nor is the mic working on the doorbell and after about 5 secs it just hangs up. Need help before I take the doorbell back and get my money back

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Arlo Moderator

Re: Arlo Doorbell hangs up on me on call

Hi charleskid2525,


When you say the Arlo Audio Doorbell hangs up on you, are you picking up the call through your Android or iOS device? Have you tried reinstalling the Arlo app and reboot your Android/iOS phone?


If that doesn't work, try to remove the battery from your Arlo Audio Doorbell and re-insert it again in order for the Doorbell to restart.

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