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New Idea Exchange Statuses and Updates

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Hello Community Members!


You have spoken, we have heard you, and we're making changes! We know that some of you have provided feedback that you would like more frequent and informative updates on statuses of ideas submitted, as well as things we are working on for future release. We have been diligently working on implementing a new process that will improve communication and feedback on the ideas you provide us, and we're starting the first phase today. We have created some new statuses in an effort to make them more clear as to where they are it in the ideation process.Below you will find a list of our new statuses and their meanings. We hope these new statuses will help make some things more clear, and give you a better idea of which ideas we are actively looking into. We welcome any feedback on the new statuses - were they helpful, are they not? What would you wish we added or changed? 


Ideas Status Definition
New Ideas Newly submitted ideas that have not yet been reviewed by Engineering
Comments Requested NETGEAR would like additional information/scope from the community regarding this idea
Engineering Investigation Engineering is reviewing the feasibility of implementing this idea
Uncommitted Candidate Engineering effort is underway towards making the idea come to fruition, but it is not a guaranteed future feature
Implemented Feature request has been added
Implemented in Latest Product Feature has been added to the latest product(s) only due to a change in hardware requirements
Coming Soon The requested feature is on it's way!!!
Future Consideration Engineering interested in reviewing again for future road map consideration
Suggestion Provided Feature already exists in some form, and NETGEAR has provided feedback or assistance regarding the feature
Investigated but Declined Engineering investigated the scope of the idea and determined that it cannot be implemented
Archived - Not Enough Votes Archived as a result of not enough votes in 6 months
Duplicate Idea or concept previously submitted. NETGEAR will merge some ideas, however, sometimes it is more fitting to mark it as a duplicate.


The Community team has already started the review process with Engineering to obtain a current status on the top ideas, and we are in the process of updating those now. We will then be going through and updating the remainder of the ideas over the next couple of weeks. This includes merging similar ideas, and archiving old ones. Going forward, we will be updating these statuses on a quarterly basis, or sooner if we receive an update. We know how important it is for you, our customers to be aware of upcoming features, and we appreciate all of your feedback and input!!! 

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