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New Community Look and Feel

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What Has Changed:


Navigation and widgets: Navigation and widgets have moved from the right-rail to the left-rail, and the widgets are more consolidated and consistent across the pages. There will still be some different widgets on some pages, but we are trying to keep them more consistent for a better user experience.


Announcements widget: In an effort to utilize the space efficiently, and improve the overall user navigation experience, we have removed the announcement widget from most of the pages. You can find the Announcements in the Browse by Topic or Quick Link boxes.


What’s New:


A New Landing Page with new features and widgets


A Chance to have your “Caught in the act” video featured on and Arlo social media

You can still submit your videos for the Community and the world to see and comment on in the Caught in the Act boards. However, now you have the additional option to submit your video to for a chance to be featured on and Arlo social media. This submission will only be shown publically if you are chosen, so if you want to share it with the community, make sure you submit them in both places! Submit your video for your chance to be featured.


Board Organization:

The Community used to be organized with separate boards for each product and type of board, for example:

Arlo Wire-Free Installation

Arlo Q Installation

Arlo Wire-Free Troubleshooting

Arlo Q Troubleshooting


The boards have now been re-organized so that you can see all the posts for a particular topic such as troubleshooting, or you can see all the posts for a particular product, or a combination of both. 


New Topics/Categories/Boards Added:


Integrated Partners (Category): This new category was created to discuss your experiences or report issues with a 3rd party software/app that NETGEAR has partnered with. Some examples of Integrated Partners and apps:

  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Apple TV Arlo App


Features (Category): This new category is a place where people can discuss features that are not product or model specific. Some examples are:

  • Geo-Fencing
  • Service and Storage
  • Rules and Modes
  • Motion Detection


My Community (Boards):

We have improved and added new sections for Community-related information to help keep you informed, as well as give you a place to provide feedback about our Community:

  • Welcome/Community Basics: Information on how to use the community (posting, personalization, etc.)
  • Community Help: Help/troubleshooting information for issues using the site (missing images, deleting posts, etc.)
  • Community Feedback: A place to provide feedback specific to the community (design, use, organization, etc).
  • Community Announcements: A place to see what is new in the Community (new ranks, site updates, things that aren’t product specific/related)


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