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NETGEAR Community Terms of Service

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NETGEAR Community Terms of Service


NETGEAR welcomes you to the NETGEAR Community!  Registration to the NETGEAR Community and its usage is free. The NETGEAR Community may include support sites and partner sites (all sites and the NETGEAR Community will be referred to as “NETGEAR Community” or “Community”).  By using, accessing, reviewing, or posting to the NETGEAR Community, you agree to the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”) and our Privacy Policy at  If any conflict exists between the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy then the Privacy Policy will control.


In particular, you expressly agree to/that:


  1. Messages in the NETGEAR Community express the personal views of the author and not necessarily of NETGEAR or its representatives. NETGEAR takes no responsibility for and does not in any way warrant the accuracy of the content of any of the messages posted in the Community or of the authenticity of its authors.
  2. NETGEAR and its representatives will not be held liable for the result of the usage of any information provided in the Community. NETGEAR and its representatives disclaim all liability resulting from the use of the posted information.
  3. Search the Community first. Although every experience is unique, the Community contains cumulative knowledge from folks who may have already experienced what you may be seeing.
  4. Stay on topic. NETGEAR Community is here to help people use NETGEAR products and technologies more effectively.
  5. Behave with civility and mutual respect.  Flaming or name calling will not be tolerated.  Similarly, any message containing the following will be removed at the discretion of either a Community moderator or administrator.
  • Off-Topic posting
  • Thread hi-jacking
  • Spamming
  • Cussing or other profanity
  • Ranting
  • Discussion or suggestions involving illegal activities
  • Linking or posting of pornographic material
  • Linking or posting of advertising, promotions, contest materials that are Non-NETGEAR provided
  1. Never falsely represent yourself by impersonating other people.
  2. Try to post to the correct thread.  Threads incorrectly posted and placed may be moved or locked. Post to the Community that is most appropriate for the topic being presented.
  3. Keep within the Law.  Observe all Federal/State/Local laws pertaining to copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and/or insider information.
  4. Respect Community MODERATORS and ADMINISTRATORS and follow their directions and instructions.
  5. All messages posted in the Community become property of NETGEAR. NETGEAR reserves the right to use this material without further notification or explanation to the author.
  6. You are at least 13 years old. If you are over 13 years old but have not yet reached the age of majority, you must have your parent or guardian's permissions to post to the NETGEAR Community.
  7. NETGEAR’s involvement is optional and limited. NETGEAR may respond to questions but does not formally provide technical support on the Community. Any information that is provided by NETGEAR or NETGEAR employees is offered on an "AS IS" basis without warranties of any kind.
  8. NETGEAR may offer you benefits and award privileges for your participation in the Community. The benefits and privileges provided do not create an employee, agency or independent contractor relationship between you and NETGEAR, and you may not present yourself as a spokesperson for NETGEAR.
  9. NETGEAR may use "cookies" and other technologies to track user activity within the NETGEAR Support Community. These technologies help us improve your experience and our products and services. NETGEAR's use of this tracking information will conform to NETGEAR's Privacy Policy (
  10. NETGEAR may provide a gamification system whereby users acquire points for various activities.
  • Do not 'game' the system. You agree to not create multiple IDs or otherwise manipulate the points system.
  • Do not ask for points. If you feel the system is not clear to users, please provide feedback to NETGEAR ; do not instruct other users unless they ask.
  1. You will not advertise. Do not use the Community to sell or market your products to others and do not post a URL unless it directly answers a user's question. If any portion of your Submission, including any posted URL, results in any accrual of compensation or benefit to you, you must note this in your post by stating, "I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link." As well, the following are not allowed:
  • A submission created solely to advertise documentation, service, software or some other item for sale.
  • Any reference, including a link, to a commercial item that is not directly related to a relevant technical support question or answer.
  • You may sign your submissions with information about yourself. However, this should not include a link to a website.


The Community and content may be frequently reviewed by Moderators and Administrators for violation of NETGEAR Community Terms of Service.  Violation may result in the temporary suspension of privileges, loss of posting privileges, and/or revocation of Community account.  Messages deemed in violation may be removed without notice or explanation.


NETGEAR reserves the right to change the aforementioned Terms of Service at any time without warning or notice.  It is the responsibility of the forum member to check this page on a regular basis for any revisions in Terms of Service before using the Community

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